Liverpool 3- 0 Bayern Munich

Wowww what a brilliant performance from Liverpool, they outclassed Bayern in my opinion in every department tonight. Yes it might be a pre season Asia Cup game, however the talent that was produced and the way they were set up they looked dangerous and will be this year in the Premier League.

Not again Sturridge 

During the game Daniel Sturridge pulled up with an injury, hopefully for the sake of his career it’s only minor. Sturridge scored a brilliant goal tonight, however he really needs a full season this season to prove his worth, if not I’m afraid his days at Liverpool are numbered.

With all the transfers this year who sits as your top four for the league this year? Thats a tricky one to answer but give me your opinions below folks and remember to like the post 😀


Pogboom: was Pogbas deal last year a bargain 

Well who would have thought this time last year we would have been saying 89 million for pogba was a bargain. Yes he’s a top player but 89 million is 89 million and beat any transfer deal Manchester United have done throughout their history. 

Manchester United had Pogba on their books and sold Pogba to Juventus on a free transfer in 2012, yes a free transfer. Some people now looking back at this ask what the hell was Alex ferguson thinking, like why sell such talent. However I get why he was sold, at that time Paul Scholes came back ( lets face it who would drop Scholes). 

So that meant Pogba went and developed under an experienced juventus team who had pirlo, Vidal, Buffon and Marchisio. These players are world class and helped Pogba reach new heights, where he’s won 3 serie A titles, which brings a winning menatality.

I am pretty sure that next summer some players with only half his quality probably will cost the same money or more so I am waiting for that moment to release him from the scrutiny,” 

Jose Mourinho 

I believe Man united and Jose has his plan and he’s been clever getting him now because imagine how much he would go for now. Mourinho has played the market very smartly and with the addition of Magic, Lukaku and Lindelof, I know am very excited for this season.

What do you think about the spending this summer has football gone mad?

Is Mourhino a genius in the market? 

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Arsenal/ Sanchez stand off 

Another day in the transfer market and another story about Sanchez. Today it’s been reported on sky sports that he’s back in London back in his jet. If that’s the case is this the stand off talks going to happen today after Sanchez’s time off with the cold. Personally and as a Man united fan I would do everything in my power to keep Sanchez. He’s the most important player for them and would get into any team.

With the transfer deadline coming up at the end of this month where do you think his future lies? I want your views guys :). Give me a comment and like 🙂 

I predict these things or will he do nothing?

What a build up we had between two warriors Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mc Gregor like wow. This fight that’s coming up in the 26th of August is once in a millennium and both fighters will be running to the bank.

From listening on sky sports most of the boxers give mc Gregor no chance in the ring, however didn’t we all say he wouldn’t do it before and he’s proved us wrong so who’s not to say he won’t be doing this at the end of the fight.

Do you think he has a chance or is Floyds experience too much to handle ? 

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Rail seating in football yayy or nehhhh?

So the next hot topic this summer is the rail seating, so why do this now why rail seating. Well in football recently we have seen an increase of grounds putting this procedure in places for example Celtic Park, where it improves the atmosphere. From doing some research it’s also believed that the German club Hannover 96, the tickets sell out quickest for the safe standing rail seating area. I believe that bringing this development to football it will bring fans and players closer, whilst helping clubs financially and it might be cost saving for the supporter. I have added a link below so click the click me icon and have a watch and give your say on the comments section below 🙂 .

Play     giphy